Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Time Flies!

Wow, it has been 2 weeks that I have been in Toronto already and it just felt like yesterday. Maybe it's becoz that I have been away for a while that I quite appreciate the beauty of home - Toronto. I didnt' update my blog in a while already; I'm not particularly busy and I'm not sure of why there's a decrease of energy - maybe I'm just lazy or too much flying around is finally getting to me. Anyways; it had been a fun two weeks - catching up with friends, Karaoke till 3:00am, game or B5 late into the night, washing and zooming around in my car, endless lunches/dinner reunions, and lots of Rblading activity as well! Mmm... strange eh? I find that I even meet up with friends and relatives more often than when I was stationed in Toronto... ha ha. Which brings me to another point - we always say how beautiful a foreign city is during vacation; but we rarely really explore our own city in where we live in. Let's say Toronto, how many times have we taken pics along Gardiner, enjoy the night view of the skyline illuminated by skydome and CN tower, or bar-hop along Peter street? Mmm... (Pics courtesy of Ka and Ivan)


可可 said...

Wow! Clean car!! You gotta clean mine next time you come back. Have a save flight back to SH la. MSN you when you get back :)

SnOwySnOwy said...

Haha .. you "bar-hop along Peter street"?? ... Unbelievable! :P