Wednesday, June 11, 2008

On a spending spree...

There are things that one must do, and things that one wants to do. They are drastically different, and I feel that as one grows up - there are more and more things that we are forced to do. Things like fixing up the car that has Christmas lights on the dashboard, that leaky roof, or that old computer by the hallway that gives off tap-tap-tap-tap noise. Having no other option, one starts to go crazy and starts to spend on things that they really want... ha ha ha, at least that's what happened to myself.
And so, I find myself pampering myself for things that I had really had been looking forward to. Here's some new big toys that I found myself purchasing within the past year:
Homegym, Threadmill, a new 1080p 37" TV for my room, a very nice guitar, and the PS3 will come soon... very very soon :') Ok... time to save up and tell myself to buckle down for the next 3 months...

The calling of the heart....

And I am back, don't know even what I should update after around 8 months of blogging inactivity.
I'm glad that I found myself motivated again and decided to start blogging and listing out what's in my mind recently.

In a nutshell, much has happened in these 8 months and I can say that I sometimes can have very ironic feelings, not sure if many other people are like this as well...? For instance, as you all remember - I was on expat a year ago and working in a foreign country (China). The huge difference between China and Canada has been eating into my way of life after I returned; I was deeply attracted to the colourful livestyle and the endless things that I would experience when I was working as an expat.... Yet a small part of myself feels kind of tired and want to settle down for a more stable life. Isn't it ironic.....? Sometimes I still feel these opposing emotions in myself not knowing what I should do, but I guess right now I have decided to stay put in Toronto where my family and the bulk of my friends are and to continue on for my more subtle lifestyle.

Do everyone knows what that really want? Well, there's the obvious answers of that new dig, a car, a career, some savings, a family, etc etc... but what about the things that one really really want to do?