Monday, October 30, 2006

Taipei vs. Shanghai

And so I'm in Taipei, and barely just had enough time to fire out my document prior to the deadline today. It was tight, mainly cuz of the big domain screwup (prev post). Anyways, here's some thoughts between SH and Taipei.
1) People: TP people are more polite, cute (girls only), and clean. However, they are less approachable and everything feels so 'business', I hate to use the term 'fake' but sometimes they give me that feeling. SH people on the other hand are more down-to-earth and 'real'; if they have something to say -they'll say it in front of you. Despite all this, I still enjoy listening to TWnese girls speak, very soothing and comfy.
2) Fashion: Of course TP people are more fashionable, there are suits and ties everywhere with good looking girls in fashionable wear. There are people who wears nice in SH too, but somehow ppl in TP gives you a more cleaniness feeling, sorta like Japan.
3) Efficiency vs. class: Things doesn't seem to be as convenient here in TP actually; it took me 10mins to find a light switch in my hotel (I'm living in Grand Hyatt already), walk 10mins to get a toothbrush, and wait for 5+mins for the 'walking' lights (altho not much complaints there as things are back to normal: Green for Go, and Red for Stop).
4) Systematic: Oh yeah, things are more systematic in TP of course, with more law enforcement (a cop stopped me for taking a pic of his bike), but was thrilled to know I was from Toronto and we had a pic together (there's something about pro-western). In SH, you see ppl walking into ppl, spitting, crossing through red lights, etc. Of course, there's pros and cons to both sides. Too much control makes you tired.
5) Cost of Living: TP is much more expensive than SH, the cost stucture is similar to more capitalized countries like Toronto/New York/EU countries/Japan. However, good thing is that you still don't need to tip in TW, and also taxes are included in prices so you do not need to worry about not having enough cash once taxes are included, like in Toronto.

6) Food: Food is good in both places but TP seems to be more clean, even with the street vendors - I just had them yesterday. In China, you are afraid of fake stuff ranging from eggs to softdrinks so have to be careful when you eat. In TP; you can just rest assured that things are safe and people take pride in what they are selling.

And, so; there's pros and cons and I bet I'll have more thoughts on this later this week once I get time to go around the city =_= So far, I would prefer TP over SH, let's see if i'm going to change that thought when I leave in a weeks' time.


Doc to be: Henry said...

Oh, I miss TP too...

akaie said...

Will your next destination be TP? Pros seem to be outweighed the cons. Even though food in Taipei is safer, the quality control is still not yet up to the N. American standard such as those popular Taiwanese dry or pickled fruit.

可可 said...

But may be because you are in TP for only shortterm? Living in a place, at a *home* vs hotel is very different..

You certainly make me want to go to TP! And yes. I will tell everyone I am from Toronto too - instead of pretending to be local. Sometimes you do get the tourist priviledge.

Andrew said...

10 minutes to find a light switch? That could be just you... :p

but wow, your assignment in SH is really paying off, you are really getting a lot of good experience overseas.

Speaking of experience, today's the day!

Edmund Lee said...

@Henry: you must miss the bun-long girls, here; where to find? ha ha..

@Winwin, Haha, nah; my next destination won't be TP as I want to come home - i'm kinda getting weary of all this stuff...

@Colly, true... I used to like living in hotel in SH too, until i lived as a local. But local in TP is similar to Tor, they also drive and things are really similar.

@Pig: Nah... it's not as easy as it sounds, I'm working till now (11:00) and i'm going to bed soon, it's wearing me down :S I might just one day decide to quit and find less stressful jobs and enjoy FFxii like u, u bum :p

Andrew said...

WOW, FFXII is really impresive so far!! It was quite an intro, and the voice acting is superb. Words don't do it justice, you really have to experience it for yourself.