Sunday, October 29, 2006

The great corporate domain

Finally our company is officially merging up with AMx (using x to avoid legal issues, but you know what i'm talking about). So AMx likes to be safe, lots of firewalls, securities and tracking methodologies. IT was working on my laptop yesterday to make it 'safe' and comply with their policies. It was so safe that:
- They couldn't logon to the AMx domain after deleting my ATI account - IT folks had to download a hack program to get around security features so I can logon.
- And so, we can logon now. But the network was so safe that I as a puny user on the great AMx domain was without admin access and couldn't VPN and connect to my mail server and databases.
- Fine. At least I think I can use my webbased server to get around all this security at home. Oh wait, IT did so much changes to my system now that I can't even launch my ADSL client.
- Ok, I befriended the IT guys and asked them to give me admin password thinking I can at least configure a normal system not belonging on any domain (only as workgroup) so I can connect. Crap, tried reinstalling ADSL client several times but now it seems to be busted (I don't know why).
- Mmmmmm, I have a deadline due for Austin AMx folks; but oh well, no worries... I'll just let them know the document is completed, sitting on the desktop but I can't send it out since the network is so safe that I can't connect.
And so, I sat in front of my laptop 2 days straight with limited or no internet access (between office and home). I must admit, AMx does have such a safe network that nothing gets leaked, probably because work gets done at 1% of my capacity - but that's ok, it's only a little drawback so that we can be a lean, mean, process machine with absolutely no secrets being compromised.
Oh, BTW - I had to configure a test system at work to be used as my workstation since my latop is so security oriented now. And another thing, I now have another identity; I'm listed as with a 'Li' last name on the great AMx server, probably they want to hide my identity so nobody can send email to me. It's going to be soon that they figure out I still have my blackberry for communication and 'make it safe' too. My mind is now like an engine reved up to 6000RPM but car stuck running at 5km/hr. That's ok, AMx just wants me to relax and not to overwork myself. All's good, everything's safe and sound. How I got around the problem? Another long story for another time ;)

PS. I arrived at Taipei, and will be updating my blog soon with pics and more encounters once I locate a Card reader for my MSDuo (Mmm... it's too small that most readers have the Duo stuck in its' slot). Busy busy rushing for deadline now.


Andrew said...

your blog entry sounds similar to one of my recent entries =)

... 2 days to go.

Doc to be: Henry said...

haha. "Safe network" eh? That's wut politics in the world can bring you at the end: unnecessary work for nothing...

Enjoy, my friend!!

可可 said...

Wow Mr Li. Soon they may lock you in the building so you can't leak out any secrets :P Or you have to leave work with a complete new identity...

And Ka will be in Taiwan next week too! (Tues to Thur / Fri)