Sunday, October 15, 2006

Journey to SH office

From XuHui to office in Shanghai
Finally gathered enough physical energy to take a DV clip of my average day commuting to work to the new office. It's hard, since there's oo much people and sometimes it's not safe to pull out a camera exposing yourself to theives and other crooks since the subways are packed with rude people everywhere. Ha ha, somehow I feel pretty proud being a Canadian; one of the local guys in my team was saying: 'Hey Ed, after your term, maybe you can apply for a Chinese citizen and stay in China' during one of our lunches - I automatically said 'Hell no!' without even thinking... ha ha (when said in Chinese, the tone isn't as harsh :p). China is a land of opportunities and it's good for myself to stay here and open up some doors while gaining exposure, but to stay in this place? no way man... it takes being away from home to understand how good it is (Toronto).


akaie said...

Haha you better not to say it in Chinese in front of a police officer.. driving here is even worse than taking public transit during rush hours, and I can sleep on the bus as I'm always sleep deprived :)
Strangely, the video can't be played. I wish I can see what's like in SH.

Edmund Lee said...

Oh? is it some crappy code that I put in? ha ha...

Anyways, here's a link you can copy and paste the the browser, hope it works :)

zukabunni said...

DUDE, you must have posted some illegal XXX things on your video clip so google videos filtered it HAHA! I so bet you were the perv that KERN MUN your goddess Ella.

snowball fight? BRING IT ON! no throwing in the face this time @_@