Monday, September 25, 2006

Mission complete

It's done... Excercised my options, sold the shares the comp gave me, and claimed all my stocks that I held for ATI. Not that I am leaving the company or losing faith in it, but I guess since there's much uncertainties surrounding the merger with AMD; it would be a good idea just to have a little bit more cash in my pocket... ho ho. And the other fact is that PS3 will be hitting us soon. Came back from Shanghai 2 Fridays ago and it had dead busy... preparing presentations, presenting (and shaking) in front mgmt who probably drive Cayennes or Ferraris to McDonalds, coordinating new things for the team in SH, and watching how everything is changing day by day. I was lucky enough to meet up with some friends and also rollerbladed (pics coming tomorrow) with the company folks over the weekend. Still have much friends to meet before I leave next week again. I'll send out an email or evite soon after this work madness dies down! Ciao~ and hope I'll get to update this bloggie soon!


AJEYA RAO said...

Great...Have some fun time too during your visit home. :-)

akaie said...

I was confused that you were in Toronto the last time you updated the blog! You must make a good profit on selling the stocks :)

Edmund Lee said...

Thanks Ajeya :)

Ha ha ha... yeah; I haven't updated my blog for a while already... wonder why i've been so lazy... Bah :S