Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Veggie wonderland

1-2-3-4... 5... wait... 6! A total of 6 residents had been found in my parent's backyard! A huge mama wrabbit and 5 little baby rabbits was making themselves feel just like at home in the vegetable garden. It was a cute sight, and extremely difficult to capture all of them in the same picture since they would jump in all directions when they detect the slightest sound or see something big closing in on them.
With the baby rabbits size smaller than a fist; it was certainly a very delightful sight although they had been going through (aka. chomping it down) the vegetable it sees! Ah oh well, that's the beauty of wildlife; afterall, we're the ones taking over their homeland :)

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Toronto Doors Open

We woke up early last weekend and headed downtown Toronto (about 1hrs drive from where we live) to attend Doors Open. It's an annual festivity where buildings/factories which are normally not accessible to public is available for us to tour. As we arrived, we were greeted by scores of people trying to get glimpse of the places. Factoring in lineups, tour, brunch, and commute; we made it to two locations only. One was the Omni radio station which didn't have much to see inside although participants were plentiful since it just opened up this year. The other was Elgin & Winter Theatre which featured two very distinct theatres stacked on top of each other for performing theatrics, it was quite interesting as the decor and architecture was unique.

Shown here is the artwork that is etched on the ceilings of the Elgin theatre, it can be seen that restoration work is done very nicely throughout the years after it was built in 1913. It was also mentioned that the bulk of the workers there are loyal volunteers that had stood by this historic theatre through good times and bad.
After visitng the theatre and unfortuntely due to time contraints - we were unable to make it to Redpath, a huge sugar factory; well, there's always next year. :) Here's a group pic taken in the Winter gardens of the theatre upstairs where the layout is drastically different and features a combination of real/fake leaves on the ceilings.