Saturday, October 28, 2006

Travelling Tags.

OK, this is the first time i'm responding a tag on blogger and it sounds pretty interesting. Here's the rules:
1) Name the person who tagged you. 2) 8 Things about you. (Pick Any Topic) 3) Tag atleast 4 people.

1) Ajeya: His posts are really enjoyable as Ajeya's writing posesses great meaning (sometime requiring some time to digest), very philosophical; and at times sending through that nolgistic and agreeable feeling.

2) 8 Travel Things about me:
1. Sometimes I also enjoy travelling alone. In groups is definately fun, but sometimes I enjoy the feeling of venturing out alone into that mysterious unknown.
2. I'm not really a person of schedule, but once I'm hungry - I must eat regardless of what cool things that I see when I'm travelling.
3. Pictures, I enjoy taking endless pictures so I always have my camera around. I even got a smaller one so that it can fit in my pocket anywhere... pictures of people, buildings, signs.
4. Food: I am open to any new food as long as they are clean and are not insects. This includes rotten tofu, super spicy pepper sticks, doggy meat.
5. I like watching people, especially pretty girls... ha ha, isn't that normal for all guys? Some of my friends jeer at me but what can I say? I like nice looking people :p
6. My dream is to visit some place in middle east, I have this facination of small white houses made of clay/mud, with small boats everywhere, and Persia. Maybe I'll visit UAE, one of the safer countries later.
7. Travelling anywhere, just going somewhere makes me learn something about myself and interacting / absorbing into the crowd makes me feel human along with understanding a little bit more of where we stand in the world.
8. Relax: some of my friends/family, like my sister likes to fill their schedule 100% when they are on travel, so it's somewhat like a marathon. To me, I need to rest and I like to take things slowly, even if it means spending more time absorbing into a place than seeing more things.

3) I tag: Corrie, Henry, Winnie, Andrew


AJEYA RAO said...

Awesome, Thanks for that quick response, Yes I agree we have similarities. Cool may be we should plan a trip together...How about exploring China? :-)) I wish I had that free time...:-((

akaie said...

Very cool idea! Why it has to be 8? Any interesting reason why it has to be 8 things about yourself and 4 people to tag?