Monday, October 09, 2006

Toronto is a paradise to live in.

OK, our group was relocated to the Shanghai AMD at a new high-tech park called ZhangJiang. It takes around 1.5hrs /way to get to work for me now; this includes a combination of walking 20mins walking, 20mins of line 1 subway, 5mins walk to transfer to another line, then another 20mins of line 2 subway, and finally hitch some stupid shuttle bus to the office costing me another 15mins. What a waste of time! I don't work crazy hrs anymore and leave at before 7:00 everyday now since I don't want to get home too late. The conclusion? Other than getting lucky and getting crushed into some hot girl in the subway; this type of ancient commute way is just inhumane and thirdworld like; and my conclusion? Shanghai infrastructure sucks, and Toronto is absolutely a paradise to live in. Once I gather enough physical energy, i'll take a movie of what I go through every day just for you to feel how good Toronto is and for the Guiness book of records. I'll go find a closer place to live at this weekend. PS, now after getting to know about google video, any suggestions of programs to merge vid clips (mpeg) with mp3?


sp said...

hmm. Toronto 1.5 hr commute isn't that abnormal.

When I used to live in Scarborough, going to school take 1.5hr.

Walk to bus stop;
take 20 minutes bus ride to Scarborough Town;
take 15 minutes SRT to Kennedy;
take 40 minutes subway to St. George;
change to another subway;
take 5 minutes subway to Queen Park;
walk 5 minutes to the building I need to go to.

~1.5 hr each way.

SnOwySnOwy said...

1.5 hr commute isn't that abnormal:

From Mississauga to Markham:

0 min -- Get into my car;
1.25 hr -- Stuck in traffic on Hwy 401/404;
0.25 hr -- Get off Hwy 404 and get into my office;

Hehe .. just to make a point that it is normal to stuck in traffic for over 1.0 hr in Canada. :P

Edmund Lee said...

ah, it's very abmormal when you are packed like a sardine, can smell the fat guy next door (hot steamy girls like Kournakova is different), and have to like fight for food or buy a ticket. Gosh, someone should educate these ppl about lining up! Japan is also a crowded place, but nowhere near SH where everything is so dang unorganized. It's like prison break where everyone seems they see food, tickets, taxis like the first time in their life. Gosh. Toronto is paradise.

zukabunni said...

stop complaining and come back to Toronto then !! :D

(lvl 30, been busy)

akaie said...

Sound like everyone is in the same boat :) Commuting between home and school takes me an hour if I'm lucky to hop on the express bus. But I have to travel between school and hospital or clinic on a daily basis which would add another 1.5hr on the road. Not only about the amount of time wasted on the road, but also the public transit is always packed with people. I understand perfectly how you feel about the body odor and possibly bad breath!

Edmund Lee said...

yeah, somehow i'm looking fwd to winter where some of the odor and sweat will die down... ha ha. Mmm, it's interesting that you are also experiencing the same thing as I am WinWin, why don't you drive? Altho it's on the road, it's much better than being packed in a can of people, and you can enjoy your drive listening to music.

Phoolly, hey man... dun tempt me... Just one of these days; I might just drop everything and head back home, so be prepared to be dragged into the outdoors just in time for a snowball fight like last yr... hoho.