Saturday, April 29, 2006

4 Months Already!

Wow, time really flies! It's been 4 months already - another workterm done by the co-ops, and yesterday was the last day for Phoolly and 南橋茵 as they will be heading back to school. It has been a fun four months and I know I will miss you guys alot - especially the cLai 仔Pholly who really enjoys viet noodles, snowball fight while skating, and admiring my BMI (hohoho). We went to Jerusalem for the farewell lunch. Other than the butter chicken which i enjoyed, I find the other food a bit oily and much of them also had tastes of sour spices which made it a bit strange for me.

As for Sat, it's been a very productive day; i've done lots of organizing and applying for visa / stuff for my trip, etc etc.. and finally got webcams - I've been procrastinating over it for a while as I was lazy; one for my parents while the other one can clip onto my laptop so I can still keep in close contact with my family/friends once I head over to Shanghai. Time flies! and another journey awaits all of us. The best of luck to Pholly and the rest of the co-ops; and thank you for Suu-Paa, the devil that is now playing with my IDog.


akaie said...

It's great to hang out with the youngsters especially you act like a big brother (always feel good to be at a higher hierachy haha!). As for me, I am back to junior with all the people above me :P.

Edmund Lee said...

ha ha, nah... strange, I dun feel much difference between myself and the other colleages in our lab (ranging from co-ops to older guys who are >10yrs older than I am). I guess it's becoz we are all corrupted in the lab and like to play pranks on each other regardless... LOL

zukabunni said...

hey man, don't post all my embarassing things on your blog and dont' freak me out with Mr Devil again pls -__-

Btw, i left TT and IL cardboards in the lab, take care of them for me :p

Edmund Lee said...

Wahahaha~ I think the mic was just too sensitive, I didn't mean to make those devilish noises to creep u out! lol

Oh ok, those two cardboards are being stacked onto *someones* nametag now. No worries >:)