Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sunny blading day....

Wooohahaha... Today is so nice outside - sunny skies and warm temp (+13deg). The main attraction of the day was rollerblading at Milliken park. The six of us headed there afternoon to try out the place; the place was larger and more beautiful than i expected. Dee bladed pretty well despite it's his 2nd time! The most fun part were the semi-slopes; there was one that led to a pond (top right in the pic), I named it the black diamond for the day... lol, eitherway; it was funny - I was going so fast straight for the pond that I had to jump on the grass and roll for a while before I broke my fall. Dee and Vic who were following me also rammed into the grass. ha ha. Some SI-LAI (not incl. Cal) around were laughing at us... Ooo... there's also an ice-cream car so that we can get some chocolately dip; my excuse is that it's fine as long as i worked ou... um... bladed today anways, so no extra weight gained :)


zukabunni said...

awww I wish I saw you guys fell too =/ next weekend la hehehe

and what!? me no c lai, mountain is better than c lai =P

可可 said...

Oh man! You just had to show the best part - icecream! I have to go blade w/ you guys next time.

(I think I will probably fall into the pond.)