Thursday, May 04, 2006

Berries out of control

Got my blackberry earlier this week and it has been misbehaving already!
1) Doesn't vibrate: my handheld stopped vibrating this morning (I set it to vibrate mode), I had to power it on and off several times to get it working again. Apparently, this is a known hardware problem according to my buddy working in RIM, the failing system is referred to as a "lemon". I wonder why?
2) Laggy server: Around 2:00-4:00 today, i stopped receiving any emails from my berry. However, my server was still getting it and i can only read it on my laptop. Then at 4:30, I think the RIM servers suddenly work again, and my lousy berry started to vibrate like crazy for all the emails that was coming through. I had to turn it off just to get through a meeting, or everyone would've thought that I drank too much water and was shaking endlessly... ha ha ha.


zukabunni said...

nice...bringing a vibrator to a meeting. I think you just vibrate it too much hahah :P ( i must say this blog entry was a complete set up -_-)


Edmund Lee said...

Awwwww man! i set myself up for ya tim...

Hey man, i'm paving the road for you; Conrad might be one of ur Pho admirers :p

akaie said...

Good to know blackberry's technical problems.. isn't it RIM's top product? I'm still debating whether to buy blackberry or palm pilot.. sound like blackberry isn't a good choice! the evil blackberries look very cute! did you purposely paint the blackberries with evil smiles?

Edmund Lee said...

ha ha ha... yeah; I painted the evil berries myself... LOL, they look funny eh?

Blackberry is really useful to conencting to ur work/school email so you can check mail on the go; but other than email, there isn't much fun/functionality with it. The palms have better organizers, and even my cellphone has better games than it! So it really depends on what you want (work vs. functionality) :)