Monday, April 03, 2006

Oblivion Weekend

Been hooked onto playing a new computer game this weekend: The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion. Apparently, this rpg was only released a week earlier so I didn't waste any time in exploring it. It's a really good rpg with a strong storyline with lots of sidequests. Ha ha, I think i've been playing it for too long such that I got a bad headache when I woke up today :p oh well, all's good. My character is a Sorceress but with very strong melee skills as well.... So far, she's been leveled up to L10 but I still can't still use the 'raise undead' spells! damn. And I just got bitten by some vampire while on a sidequest; good thing I haven't been 'transforming yet' but please let me know if you know anything about a cure and whatnot. Well, other than gaming; I also went out blading with a bunch of friends earlier today - it was nice, altho a bit windy. Nevertheless, I also got to know the true meaning of 穩如泰山 again today (all thx to ding-Cal) ha ha ha..!


akaie said...

Sounds like interesting game but don't know if I understand the exact meaning of the few chinese words included in the description.
Thanks for giving me Henry's blog and finally got in touch with another person. I felt very guilty of not being able to keep all the contacts as you do. People wonder why I suddenly resurface in this world. It has been terribly busy after graduation to prepare myself for med school and now can find the time to connect with people but most are gone!

zukabunni said...

I'm clearly just a mini hill ~_~ Don't blame me just because you fell on your tosh =p and tony already rubbed you better la!

Edmund Lee said...

Re Winwin: Yeah, med school must be really busy and requires lots of commitment, but hope that you will succeed in your goal la! Yeah, we should hang up and have some sort of reunion when you are back to TO or if some of the guys are back from HK too :)

Re Mountain bun: Hohoho... rubbing doesn't help at all; i want special fries like that the special ones you got today!