Sunday, April 23, 2006

Another rainy weekend.

I haven't updated my blog in a while already; mainly because work is busy - i'm trying to juggle work now that my buddy has transferred out, along with anticipating confirmation for some changes myself as well. I really need something to rejuvenate myself with since I dun feel like I'm not moving anywhere... Maybe i'm giving myself too much pressure, or maybe that's life after graduation; I don't know.... but hopefully 1 yr later, i will see some changes looking backwards.

Anyways, enough of my blabbering, here's some pics from the Tokyo Anime Fair that was held several months ago. Pretty girls, anime, games; what else can you ask for? I'm never really into cosplay but sometimes I find it interesting when people dress up as various characters - there must be alot of thought and effort that went into creating those costumes... Ha ha, you can also find the 電車男 character in there too, it's really creating quite a bit of stir in Japan and also in HK.

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