Thursday, April 13, 2006

Crossroad... in life

Rollerblades. Rollerblades are fun, my friends either loves them or are afriad of them. I was talking about blading with my friend today, and he says 'the worst feeling is the fear of falling, but once you fall - you find out that there's nothing to it'. I know, I fell many times; and many times I've learned how to pick myself back up. Somehow I find this similar to life; there are many opportunities around us, but many of which we are reluctant of taking - since we are afraid of the possibility of failure. But if we fall, we can learn how to pick ourselves back up; if we fall again, then we will pick ourself back up again; over and over again. If we are afraid and never try, we will never understand who we are and what we are capable of doing.

Some opportunity was just offered to me recently, and some changes are going to happen soon. It will be a big change for me; it's not confirmed yet so I'm keeping it a secret for now... but it'll be a big change. Good thing it's long weekends, so I can just rest up and have some time to think about a major crossroad in my life.


zukabunni said...

It is not necessarily wrong to choose not to risk; it's all a matter of choice. So don't be stuck in the state of mind where it seems not risking is to have less in life. Evaluate the consequences of your choice and ask yourself is it worth it. However, what you said is correct; fear or doubt should not be present when making such a decision. You should believe in yourself a tad more. Although falling on your bum when rollerblading is a different story >_<

btw I just pictured you with the "thinker" look and I laughed xD

akaie said...

I can't believe Toronto's weather is much better than Van. Weather forecast predicts that it continues to rain in this weekend with no exception of the Easter Holiday :( I'm very impressed on your analogy of the learning process of rollerblading (your hobby) with the crossroad in life. Life is full of difficult decisions and can be much more fulfilling if you make the right choice. I wish you best luck with the new changes in life.

Mee Shell said...

私が何がなんでもサポートしてあげる. =)

Edmund Lee said...

Re Clai: hey man, as u can see; the thinking pose doesn't have ahem anything on ar :S now what where u thinking? ha ha ha

Re Winnie: Thanks lei! yeah, I hope I chose correctly lei; since it's not fully confirmed yet, i'm keeping tight lipped but i'll let you know as one of the first ones once i've made my decision lei!

Re 三木:かたかなわかりません!でも、from what i can make out;ありがとうねい(-_-)~

可可 said...

Hey - looking forward to hear the good news.

Edmund Lee said...

thanks thanks! we will need to meet up b4 u head to Peru too! :)