Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Long Weekend.....

Nothing beats a good long weekend with lots of time to relax and good weather lei! Despite jogging around yesterday and am super sore all over my body; we went rollerblading again today. I put on WD40 on my blades, and it was so scary as the wheels are much more smoother; i was like "weeeeeeeeeeeee, helppppppppp!" ha ha ha, good thing there's a c Lai called Cal there looking out for me ):P

Tha night, we headed out for Billy's farewell dinner and ate at Jack Astors; congrats to him for going to Cali settling with Eli and having a good job position; I know we would miss him alot... (For me, i know the guy since kindergarden in HK, then studied in the same elementary and high school) But I guess if there's opportunity, it's good to recognize it and move on to grasp it.... After dinner - our gang of 7 headed out for tong siu, and then the two of us headed for coffee for a nice long chat; turns out alot of things have been set in motion... for both of us. Cheers and hope that our decision will bring success and happiness lei! (pics stolen from Keith... ha ha).


akaie said...

Wow, you still hang out with your friend from kindergarden. I look forward of hearing good news from you.

Edmund Lee said...

ha ha, yeah; it's really fate that put us in the same kindergarding, elementary school, HS, and the company right next door (for a period of time). We didn't plan it intentionally tho!

Thanks for your support :) Hope that you had a great Easter long weekend~!