Saturday, April 29, 2006

4 Months Already!

Wow, time really flies! It's been 4 months already - another workterm done by the co-ops, and yesterday was the last day for Phoolly and 南橋茵 as they will be heading back to school. It has been a fun four months and I know I will miss you guys alot - especially the cLai 仔Pholly who really enjoys viet noodles, snowball fight while skating, and admiring my BMI (hohoho). We went to Jerusalem for the farewell lunch. Other than the butter chicken which i enjoyed, I find the other food a bit oily and much of them also had tastes of sour spices which made it a bit strange for me.

As for Sat, it's been a very productive day; i've done lots of organizing and applying for visa / stuff for my trip, etc etc.. and finally got webcams - I've been procrastinating over it for a while as I was lazy; one for my parents while the other one can clip onto my laptop so I can still keep in close contact with my family/friends once I head over to Shanghai. Time flies! and another journey awaits all of us. The best of luck to Pholly and the rest of the co-ops; and thank you for Suu-Paa, the devil that is now playing with my IDog.

Monday, April 24, 2006


終於決定了,我的下一站張會係上海. 今日班大佬回復了我,也比佐份package我去sign... (Anyways, it takes too long to write in chinese man); I wanted to say that i'm excited yet a bit uncertain not knowing if this is the right choice to make. Eitherway, it will be a memorable year moving ahead since I know by next time this year as I look back; I will find that I have moved forward, learned more about myself and what I really seek in life after graduation... Who knows what the future might hold, but like what G'kar always say: "the universe is not always right, but it always puts us at a place where we can learn".

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Another rainy weekend.

I haven't updated my blog in a while already; mainly because work is busy - i'm trying to juggle work now that my buddy has transferred out, along with anticipating confirmation for some changes myself as well. I really need something to rejuvenate myself with since I dun feel like I'm not moving anywhere... Maybe i'm giving myself too much pressure, or maybe that's life after graduation; I don't know.... but hopefully 1 yr later, i will see some changes looking backwards.

Anyways, enough of my blabbering, here's some pics from the Tokyo Anime Fair that was held several months ago. Pretty girls, anime, games; what else can you ask for? I'm never really into cosplay but sometimes I find it interesting when people dress up as various characters - there must be alot of thought and effort that went into creating those costumes... Ha ha, you can also find the 電車男 character in there too, it's really creating quite a bit of stir in Japan and also in HK.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Long Weekend.....

Nothing beats a good long weekend with lots of time to relax and good weather lei! Despite jogging around yesterday and am super sore all over my body; we went rollerblading again today. I put on WD40 on my blades, and it was so scary as the wheels are much more smoother; i was like "weeeeeeeeeeeee, helppppppppp!" ha ha ha, good thing there's a c Lai called Cal there looking out for me ):P

Tha night, we headed out for Billy's farewell dinner and ate at Jack Astors; congrats to him for going to Cali settling with Eli and having a good job position; I know we would miss him alot... (For me, i know the guy since kindergarden in HK, then studied in the same elementary and high school) But I guess if there's opportunity, it's good to recognize it and move on to grasp it.... After dinner - our gang of 7 headed out for tong siu, and then the two of us headed for coffee for a nice long chat; turns out alot of things have been set in motion... for both of us. Cheers and hope that our decision will bring success and happiness lei! (pics stolen from Keith... ha ha).

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Crossroad... in life

Rollerblades. Rollerblades are fun, my friends either loves them or are afriad of them. I was talking about blading with my friend today, and he says 'the worst feeling is the fear of falling, but once you fall - you find out that there's nothing to it'. I know, I fell many times; and many times I've learned how to pick myself back up. Somehow I find this similar to life; there are many opportunities around us, but many of which we are reluctant of taking - since we are afraid of the possibility of failure. But if we fall, we can learn how to pick ourselves back up; if we fall again, then we will pick ourself back up again; over and over again. If we are afraid and never try, we will never understand who we are and what we are capable of doing.

Some opportunity was just offered to me recently, and some changes are going to happen soon. It will be a big change for me; it's not confirmed yet so I'm keeping it a secret for now... but it'll be a big change. Good thing it's long weekends, so I can just rest up and have some time to think about a major crossroad in my life.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sunny blading day....

Wooohahaha... Today is so nice outside - sunny skies and warm temp (+13deg). The main attraction of the day was rollerblading at Milliken park. The six of us headed there afternoon to try out the place; the place was larger and more beautiful than i expected. Dee bladed pretty well despite it's his 2nd time! The most fun part were the semi-slopes; there was one that led to a pond (top right in the pic), I named it the black diamond for the day... lol, eitherway; it was funny - I was going so fast straight for the pond that I had to jump on the grass and roll for a while before I broke my fall. Dee and Vic who were following me also rammed into the grass. ha ha. Some SI-LAI (not incl. Cal) around were laughing at us... Ooo... there's also an ice-cream car so that we can get some chocolately dip; my excuse is that it's fine as long as i worked ou... um... bladed today anways, so no extra weight gained :)

After a hectic week.

今日都幾relaxing, 睡到十二點才起身。之後找了三木さん慢吞吞地一起去食午飯。因為我飲佐個凍奶荼, 所以有點發冷,哈哈... 點都好啦,之後我地去了downtown, 行到d商店闕門才回家; 我仲買了幾件衫,累到三木さん要機次都等我tim....

晚上去了ここ小姐到吃芝士蛋糕; 蝦... 第一次make都幾正! 我想我真係會快成肥仔 :) 跟住就打Oblivion打到現在, 終於找到醫vampire的藥! 但係我個女character還冇回復以前的美好樣貌... (頂~) Anyways, 累啦! 遲dupload相片吧.....

Monday, April 03, 2006

Oblivion Weekend

Been hooked onto playing a new computer game this weekend: The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion. Apparently, this rpg was only released a week earlier so I didn't waste any time in exploring it. It's a really good rpg with a strong storyline with lots of sidequests. Ha ha, I think i've been playing it for too long such that I got a bad headache when I woke up today :p oh well, all's good. My character is a Sorceress but with very strong melee skills as well.... So far, she's been leveled up to L10 but I still can't still use the 'raise undead' spells! damn. And I just got bitten by some vampire while on a sidequest; good thing I haven't been 'transforming yet' but please let me know if you know anything about a cure and whatnot. Well, other than gaming; I also went out blading with a bunch of friends earlier today - it was nice, altho a bit windy. Nevertheless, I also got to know the true meaning of 穩如泰山 again today (all thx to ding-Cal) ha ha ha..!