Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Spring festival in Shanghai

Ha ha ha, since everyone is saying that I gained weight; i have settled down and am doing gym and swim 3 times in 4 days already! Well, this week was better (workwise) as it was not as busy and things are more in control. Today is actually spring festival in China, and one of my team colleages gave me a "Chung" to eat too, it's pretty good lei... Anyways, it's Wed nite in SH already, so 2 more days is another weekend and i'm off back to Toronto Sunday afternoon lu. I'll be flying back on the 4:40pm flight and will be back Sunday nite in TO. Anyways, back to watch the 'Tin Ha Daei Yut' TV drama sin... getting exciting, and the TW girl character is so cute~ ha ha ha... lates. Will post mode pics this coming weekend!

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