Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Busy Shanghai

Hello, thanks for everyones' comments; somehow I can't log in and reply... I'm also using a proxy server to update my blog too; as China has blocked 'blogger' as it is afraid that there will be negative propaganda... Shanghainese gf? nah, the locals say the girls are 'sophisticated' as compared to country girls, but lots of my friends/family/relatives in America list them as 'scheming'... ka ka ka... Oh well, at least they are pretty (pics of model selling a Sony) The stuff here is really cheap, locals say that on avg, they spend 7RMB for a meal (which is 1CAD)! The high class places for clothes and food though, are the same as in Canada; I've been to two malls already and they are all tourists stuff (normal prices) so I didn't get any stuff yet... The traffic is still scary, with the Taxi drivers all driving madly like a Rally racer, and bikes / people filling the gaps everywhere... not to mention all the honking and beeping around every corner... ha ha ha..
(Oh, yeah.. work is quite busy with the team building up very very slowly, like from scratch).


chinbb said...

Lemme leave a comment for ya as well...o wait, I dont have a blogger account guess I have to create one la...I am so out these days.

Hey good to know life is well in Shanghai. You must be working crazy these days la being a boss these days :P

Keep it up man. I will see ya in the coming weeks.

可可 said...

Aiya. Stop talking about how pretty girls are in Shanghai! You are making me worried that you are already being blinded and won't come back to Canada.. Boohoo. But I guess if they are really that pretty..... :)