Thursday, May 25, 2006

After a busy week in Shanghai

Ahhh... finally, some time to relax. The past week has just been crazy; with crazy jetlag, adapting to a new environment, endless work, and lots of polition / mgmt thinking, and today I even had to meet with a customer too although I was totally unprepared. I can say it's a bit rushing into things... Oh well, at least finally I can chill and shop around Shanghai... i desperately need a rest. We also found a mall with good gorgeous and cheap stuff, can't wait to shop there and my friend will be bringing me around town on Sat (she's from Shanghai so will know all the places). I'll take more pics for sure! The environment here has lots of smog eh, locals refer to them as 'fog' (ass my mgr and myself were laughing crazily)... and there's lots of diff things too, with 'Yarkks' shoes pretending to be 'Clarks'; and LV Mickey bags... ha ha ha, it never ceases to amaze me :)

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akaie said...

One or two pics are not enough to satisfy my curiosity of this beautiful city and beautiful girls.. post more up in imagestation plz..
I won't be able to enjoy reading your blog till June 7.. finally today is my last class.. feel excited of finishing first year in med but feel apprehensive about the exam. Enjoy and take care!