Sunday, January 08, 2006

Weekends... Where'd all the time go?

The transition back to working mode was slow after the holidays, so this weekend was a highly anticipated one.

Didn't do too much, just chilled with friends, hung out for a while, and played games most of the time... On Sunday; we went skating, and I think my balance is getting a little better although I still cannot hockey stop, nor I am fast enough to bodycheck Fi-Cal (>_<)... Miki also gave me a souvenier she got from LV too... 三木さん、ありがとねい!I'm glad that today was a fun and sportive day for us, as i definately needed some excercise after all those food from x'mas :)

Another good news is that my buddy found season4 of B5 at First Markham Place... Woohoo! In case you are wondering what I am talking about; 'Babylon5' and is a CG created, philosophical sci-fi series. We've seen it since High School ages, but we've been rewatching the entire series lately; altho it's very hard to find. I even had to order it from eBay for earlier seasons - so I'm glad that we are going to add season4 to our collection :)


Mee Shell said...

どういたしまして、とふきくん =)

zukabunni said...

you'll never be able to get me back you "siu long long" xD

wooohoo, double dragon in 13 mins :D