Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tuesday... interview day

Today is a nice day for me, as I didn't have to goto work.... he he.... The reason? I was scheduled to interview UofT students for our next PEY term. Traffic was better than I expected but I still had a hard time driving since every corner I wanted to turned, all I see were either one-way-streets or no-left-turn... @_@ Good thing that I managed to be on time for the first interviews... whew!

My rants towards the career center - it was virtually like a cell! the room was small and it comprises of a metal door, and worst of all; there were no internet access throughout the building. Eitherway, I'm still satisfied since I met up with someone I like for our group :")

After interviews, i headed to Bloor to shop around.... there's weren't much ppl as it was raining freezing rain today; very slippery indeed. Afterwarks, i met up with Miki and headed out in search to satisfy our growling stomachs... We went to Filet Of Sole for dinner (http://www.filetofsole.ca) which is also a restarant listed in Winterlicious; and as usual, I enjoyed the dessert the most. Since we were full from our main courses, we shared a chocolatey Kaluha, although we didn't finish it in the end too... as it was 'okii'!!!! ha ha ha..... attached is the giant octopus at the restarants' ceiling... scary!


zukabunni said...

ooooh where's ur blog entry from the time you interviewed me??? I'm sure you put "wow I interviewed this HOT chick today, but sigh ~_~ she's out of my league. I was so nervous when I shook her hand that I lost all sense of power and gave her a high-five instead" xD

had a typo in the first >.>

Edmund Lee said...

Hahahahaha..... How did u know what I was thinking? Damn, now you know too much... I will have to think of xtreme measures to cover my secret... Mmmm, maybe I should consult with TT&bro in gimme some good pointers! afterall, they seem to be so um.... 'close' with ya... wakakaka~!