Sunday, January 01, 2006

Dust eater from Bandai

Came across this new gadget just released from Bandai in Japan. This automated sweeper looks pretty useful as this chubby looking robot goes around the house hunting for dust. Bandai is one of the companies well known for its' releases of model cars, robots, toys; and this sweeper might be one of the the very first experimental electronics geared towards houseware uses... cool!


可可 said...

I just bought a robot vacuum cleaner ("Roomba") as my parents' x'mas present! It doesn't look as cute as the bandai one though. (But it cleans well. :)

Edmund Lee said...

Wow, i just checked up on the Roomba ( It seems that the company makes military robots! and the Roomba costs alot too (ranging from 149USD up to even 399!). Mmmm.. this reminds me of Canada First where our robot kinda um... burnt up :P