Monday, January 02, 2006

Mixed Monday News

Monday, one of my most feared days in the week as i have to drag my zombie-like body out to bed to goto work. Even worst, today was the first day of work after 2 weeks of X'mas vacation; i was dead tired today, and I think i am one step closer in mastering the art of sleeping with my eyes opened... >_< Reading through Danny's 'Destination' article didn't make it better either (you can read it in Danny Choo's Blog) - a site where I check up regularly.

The good news for today is; my buddy told me that I can check my marks from my Japanese course online. And thanks to Yamamoto sensei, I got an A+! Woohoo... I know I got away lucky since I had previous experience with Japanese101; so it will be much harder for Level2, but nevertheless I'm still a bit fired up :)


Diane C.M. Ho said..., u are good!

Mee Shell said...


zukabunni said...

OH yeh? Fired up enough to take MANDARIN 101?? HAHAH you'll fail in that one xD

Please translate the following: "M er er" =D