Sunday, January 15, 2006

A fun weekend... coming to a close already!

Wow, another weekend comes to a close so soon already! Eitherway, it's been fun - although it was pretty cold and windy over the weekend. The weather network measured that today was -18 degrees with windchill! Overall, it was a very nice weekend where I definately spent too much $$$ unexpectedly; as I got a windbreaker at Zara, a new pair of retro 'Converse' shoes (that is similar to Will's in i.robot), some sports equipment, and endless meals and snacks...

For Saturday night, I met up with the HS folks to celebrate Pig's birthday at Grand Island; the highlight of the meal was the chocolately rich Tartufo... (pics courtesy of Mr. Ka, thx!). After that, it was another night of B5 alright... gosh, I need to remind myself in creating a B5 post in the future. After this weekends' fully packed schedule, and only several hours of sleep on Fri and Sat; I admit that it was a bit tiring - so I 'm going to head to sleep earlier tonight to recuperate and recharge for the upcoming week.

Another good news was that I finally collected the final two episodes of あいのうた starring the very cute and down-to-earth かんおみほさん. Ever since Rogers cut the newsgroups, it was pretty painstaking in downloading stuff off the net. --- Anyways, you can read about the warm and funny series here at Speaking of Jdrama, the Winter 2k6 season is about to start; and with big titles like そんごくう, NURSEあおい, and UNFAIR; all Jdrama fans are bound to be excited :)

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