Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Spring festival in Shanghai

Ha ha ha, since everyone is saying that I gained weight; i have settled down and am doing gym and swim 3 times in 4 days already! Well, this week was better (workwise) as it was not as busy and things are more in control. Today is actually spring festival in China, and one of my team colleages gave me a "Chung" to eat too, it's pretty good lei... Anyways, it's Wed nite in SH already, so 2 more days is another weekend and i'm off back to Toronto Sunday afternoon lu. I'll be flying back on the 4:40pm flight and will be back Sunday nite in TO. Anyways, back to watch the 'Tin Ha Daei Yut' TV drama sin... getting exciting, and the TW girl character is so cute~ ha ha ha... lates. Will post mode pics this coming weekend!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Shanghai 1 day tour

This weekend was nice; I was able to visit some landmarks, and try lots of different Shanghainese specialty foods while resting up and recharging as well. Thanks for Crystal-san for being the tourguide on sat; we went to Shing-Wong-Mill, Sheng-Hoi-Taun, Wong-Pu-Kong, the infamous Market, and lots of shopping district... ha ha, it was crazy to fit so much activities into one day, my feet was so sore afterwards. We also had lots of SHnese specialty as well! As WinWin said earlier, I will have to create an imagestation after i get back to Toronto for sure. However, I didn't take 'too' much pics; as i tried to fit in with the locals ma! ha ha, dun want them to think that I am a "Lo-Why" which is how they refer to foreigners, ka ka. BTW, there's lots of things to do here; so even being here myself, I don't feel bored at all (at least for now). Ok la, enjoy the pics! I'm gonna watch a TV series la~ Cheers!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

After a busy week in Shanghai

Ahhh... finally, some time to relax. The past week has just been crazy; with crazy jetlag, adapting to a new environment, endless work, and lots of polition / mgmt thinking, and today I even had to meet with a customer too although I was totally unprepared. I can say it's a bit rushing into things... Oh well, at least finally I can chill and shop around Shanghai... i desperately need a rest. We also found a mall with good gorgeous and cheap stuff, can't wait to shop there and my friend will be bringing me around town on Sat (she's from Shanghai so will know all the places). I'll take more pics for sure! The environment here has lots of smog eh, locals refer to them as 'fog' (ass my mgr and myself were laughing crazily)... and there's lots of diff things too, with 'Yarkks' shoes pretending to be 'Clarks'; and LV Mickey bags... ha ha ha, it never ceases to amaze me :)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Busy Shanghai

Hello, thanks for everyones' comments; somehow I can't log in and reply... I'm also using a proxy server to update my blog too; as China has blocked 'blogger' as it is afraid that there will be negative propaganda... Shanghainese gf? nah, the locals say the girls are 'sophisticated' as compared to country girls, but lots of my friends/family/relatives in America list them as 'scheming'... ka ka ka... Oh well, at least they are pretty (pics of model selling a Sony) The stuff here is really cheap, locals say that on avg, they spend 7RMB for a meal (which is 1CAD)! The high class places for clothes and food though, are the same as in Canada; I've been to two malls already and they are all tourists stuff (normal prices) so I didn't get any stuff yet... The traffic is still scary, with the Taxi drivers all driving madly like a Rally racer, and bikes / people filling the gaps everywhere... not to mention all the honking and beeping around every corner... ha ha ha..
(Oh, yeah.. work is quite busy with the team building up very very slowly, like from scratch).

Monday, May 22, 2006

I'm in Shanghai!

Hello everybody~~~ I'm in Shanghai now, thanks for all of your kind words and emails for support :) Yesterday, i was still a bit figgity as I didn't know what to expect for my 1st day of work here. Ok, so much is happening - got to talk about the place first: it's really hot and humid; i didn't even have to wear a jacket and felt all sweaty today, this place is also crowded with bikes everywhere and the walkerbys, cars, bikes, scooters dun care about the traffic light at all so it's like a virtual J-walking city. I also saw a woman fly off a bike after a car crashed into her today... Oooo... have to be careful. Anyways, the hotel i'm staying at is beautiful with a super huge room and a nice nite view, the team also includes of nice guys and gals which i think will work well together. The cost here is dirt cheap - 1RMB(0.15CAD) for a softcone, and the locals told me they spend like 7RMB(1CAD) / meal. However, also met up with some managers today and my own mgr treated us to a expensive n-course dinner; funny how a small potato skin like me can "ark-yum, ark-sic"... lol, anyways; i'm gonna go shower and sleep soon... PS. did i mention that the girls here are pretty? (lots of ppl told me and warned me about them too... wonder why... ha ha ha)

Friday, May 19, 2006


It's time... it's time already for me to travel to Shanghai for my first trip; wow, after talking and planning about it, the time is finally here. Got mixed feelings of being anxious and weary at the same time. Anyways, i'm going to be heading out to the airport super early in the morning to catch my flight to Shanghai with my manager. Thanks for all those who have supported and encouraged me; and thanks for all the meals that I was being treated for, I'm sorry that I was really busy towards the end of the week so really didn't get a chance to talk and have lunch as promised with all of you yet... but hopefully next time I head back in 2 weeks time~ I'll be sure to take lots of pics while I'm there, and we'll keep in touch on msn! Too bad there's no direct flight yet... (starts July 1st) my itinerary is as follows for tmr:
=> Toronto Tl1 0900 - Vancouver 1057 <= => Vancouver 1200 - Shanghai Pu Dong 1520 <=

Thursday, May 18, 2006


終於比我兩個禮拜就睇完'佐'天幕下的戀人. 都幾好啦,周麗淇真係好觀;而且個故事仲有個good ending tim. 但係最可以讚就係鄭嘉穎,他由始至終都係一條心. 反而我好唔明就係點解周麗淇需然好喜歡鄭嘉穎,但係又會接受黄宗泽??? 好似騎牛找馬gum,唔係太好ma...
Anyways, 如果有人有天幕下的戀人果首歌:如題,請send比我啦!唔該哂呢!

Monday, May 15, 2006

May; Mothers day & lots of things happening..

I know i know... i haven't updated my blog in a while already; what can I say? I'm still busily handing over my stuff while planning for the Shanghai trip. There's actually more work than I originally expected. Oh well :p I'll be leaving for Shanghai early this Sat morning and hopefully i'll get my stuff completed by then..... speaking of which, i still need to pack up.
Aside from this, yesterday was also Mother's day and my mom's birthday was very close too. To celebrate this exciting day, I got my mom a sewing machine. She already has one from long time ago always mumbled about wanting a new one. Luckily, I overheard her and decided to get one for her. It's pretty cool, a Janome style (Jap made) with lots of cool functions like auto needle threader along with many other features too! Pretty exciting eh? Anyways, enough of work today; i need to relax and the best way is to watch another episode of 天幕下的戀人. Nikki Chow is so damn pretty!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Hectic weekend.

It's another hectic weekend today; I only got 6hrs of sleeping time, we finally finished Babylon5 the night before. The series was so good, that I felt a bit empty as most of the cast moved on, and see more os the characters grow old after such a stellar performance. Oh well, I'll still have to write up an entry or get an website dedicated to B5 later. Anyways, my morning ended up with getting my Visa, trying to open an account at HSBC but it was clsoed, and took immunity needles preparing for the trip. Gosh, i totally hate needles; it's so ma fan having to inject all these stuff... I still need to do more next weekend (-_-) Finally, in the afternoon; we went blading again (w/ cLai, 'Conrad', and Vic); the place was absolutely beautiful (it is where we skated during Winter, but never bladed there before). Too bad Colly+Ka didn't make it in time or it would've been even more fun. I'm really glad Colly enjoyed it (it's her 1st time) and also had some reflections in life while blading: "whether it's good decision or bad.. because we will know we have put our heart to what we decided upon". Anyways, i just got off doing work stuff and I can't think straight now, time to sleep.... Zzzzzzz.......

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Berries out of control

Got my blackberry earlier this week and it has been misbehaving already!
1) Doesn't vibrate: my handheld stopped vibrating this morning (I set it to vibrate mode), I had to power it on and off several times to get it working again. Apparently, this is a known hardware problem according to my buddy working in RIM, the failing system is referred to as a "lemon". I wonder why?
2) Laggy server: Around 2:00-4:00 today, i stopped receiving any emails from my berry. However, my server was still getting it and i can only read it on my laptop. Then at 4:30, I think the RIM servers suddenly work again, and my lousy berry started to vibrate like crazy for all the emails that was coming through. I had to turn it off just to get through a meeting, or everyone would've thought that I drank too much water and was shaking endlessly... ha ha ha.