Monday, February 27, 2006

iPod Mods and Peripherals

And you thought the iPod dog was cool; now there's a distant relative to it - the iPod Fish and a bunch of mods for your Nano as well! What's next? An iPod robot or an iPod Persocon? すごいです!

Shizuka Arakawa

For those who have missed Shizuka's Olympic long program performance, here it is... a very elegant and graceful dance. How can they balance on one foot yet kneel down at the same time for like 30s? That's like impossible! ha ha....

Sunday, February 26, 2006

PS2.... officially certified.

Damn, just got a new game (XenosagaII) of the Xeno series; but found out that my PS2 doesn't boot up properly anymore. It couldn't recognize any of my discs and complains with a "Please insert a PS2 format disc" message. Feeling pissed and dissapointed, I googgled for a long time to read up on how to fix it it.... but even after cracking up my system to check on the wiring on the mods, and re-calibrating the laser -no luck there- it still didn't work :( I was really anticipating to play this game after a mentally stressful long week... oh well, hopefully the mod store can help me fix it back up as I am running out of ideas (have to visit them tmr). And guess what? after knowing my PS2 died on me, i actually was doing work stuff until now... what a good way to spend Sat nite eh? ha ha ha...

PS: Yeah, you can contact me if you want to know some tricks on how to crack up ur PS2 and checking all sorts of stuff with ur PS hw too... altho it didn't work out for me, maybe you can find some luck if you run into problems with ur system.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sicko @ Home

Damn, got sick today despite the fact that I usually dun get sick that often (touch wood). Woke up with a bad headache and decided to call in and take the day off.... maybe it's the weather or not getting enough sleep during the weekends; but it was a gd day off to recuperate I guess... Ended watching the Olympics' womans figure skating (live) and really enjoyed 荒川静香's program with flawless execution. I also felt that Suguri Fumie skated better than Slutskaya and should have gotten 3rd instead. Today was also a cold day nevertheless and I am starting to wonder if the Groundhogs got tricked in believing spring would be near? ha ha ha....

Mmm... can't sleep lately and have something on my mind... I thought I was over this a long time ago? Boohoo (-_-")

Monday, February 20, 2006

Hooked on Torino 2006 Olympics

Just finished watching the Ice Dancing competition of Olympics on NBC/CBC. The champs from Russia really danced elegantly with amazing techniques and the program was exciting as well! Gosh, I just wish I can do one or two turns like that on skate.... not those advanced stuff of course; afterall, i don't want to go to work with a broken foot >:) The thing I was surpised about was that Ukraine got 3rd despite having a boring program; somehow I enjoyed Bulgaria much more as the footwork, techniques, and the dance was much more interested and free-spirited!

Anyways, looking forward to the Ladies figure skating competition on Thursday. Too bad Michelle Kwan will not be joining, as I really enjoyed her competitions from before....

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Babylon 5 season 4 finished

Met up with the gang again today and continued watching B5. We just finished watching season4, which I think is one of the best seasons along with season3 for the entire series. Speaking of which, I still need to create a post just for B5 as it is the best sci-fi i've ever seen, period. Billy also showed us one of his new drinks - exotic mango juice mixed with coconut flavoured Malibu... on ice... ha ha... a really exotic and refreshing drink, thanks for inventing it! Speaking of which, it's still freezing cold today, so I was mainly indoors relaxing and just resting up during the weekend :)

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Calm and elegant winter snow

Just got back from pig's place after a dose of good'ol Babylon5 to release stress, and gosh; time really flies during the weekends eh? These few days had been exceptionally cold outside with freezing rain yesterday along with crackling thunder and lightly while raining sleet over here... Today was better but still generally cold; it ruined our skating plans after work tonight and it almost felt like -25 as I was driving home. I just dun feel like going to bed soon as I know it'll be Saturday when I wake up tmr - one more day closer in another work week again... Attached are some pics that I took with my cell while driving home... Did I mention that I really like the dashboard colours of my car, with the blue and red nicely overlaying each other? Too bad VW's sister company Audi decides to use a different colour (>_<)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Skating Outdoors!

Inherited from my summer Rollerblading, it's continuing into the winter season... We (a total of 6 of us) went skating outdoors during the weekend! Gosh, it's my 1st time outside and I really enjoyed the atmosphere and surroundings... We had a great time, especially during our snowball fight! ha ha ha... I felt just like a big kid at that moment again. The skating trail(250m) is pretty nice looping around the trees and and the surrounding environment; we went skating at nightfall and luckily it wasn't too cold so the place was really pleasant. Looking fwd to our next skating excursion!

Winterlicious JW Steakhouse

The start of February always marks the start of Winterlicious. This year, we went to JW steakhouse (the hotel restaraunt in Mariott downtown). As suggested by the restarant name, I went for the 10.oz angus beef steak dinner.

The presentation was somewhat strange, as the steak was covering most of the side dishes as you can see above. The steak was tender but had lots of fat in it (I guess that's why the beef was so 'soft')... I went for the chocolate bunt covered in a creamy dressing dor dessert. Despite myself having a sweet tooth and being a super chocolate craver; I didn't like it that much other than the fact it looks nice. Overall, i would rate this place 6/10. I didn't like JW that much as compared to all the other ones i've been to. Oh well, looking for the next booking :) ha ha....

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Funky Thursday

Woohoo... My new phone has arrived. It's a silvery Motorola SLVR L6 which is a distant European cousin to the hot-selling RAZR in Canada. It's finally been delivered today; however, I still need to hunt for an adapter as it uses EU standards; hopefully I can find one at Radio Shack and such.

Aside from that, after I claimed my new phone @ the postal office today; I saw this big Canadian guy looking very distressed and calling out to his missing dog.... I feel sorry for him. As I drove back home, I saw a cute furry dog with creamy white fur along an intersection panting and running aimlessly. I felt really sorry for the dog and his owner, and somehow I did a very ahem* instantaneous U-turn (I should've did a more careful U-turn, but I guess it was instinct to suddenly act) and headed back to the plaza to notify her owner. I just hope the dog is alwright and can reunite with her owner :)