Sunday, February 12, 2006

Skating Outdoors!

Inherited from my summer Rollerblading, it's continuing into the winter season... We (a total of 6 of us) went skating outdoors during the weekend! Gosh, it's my 1st time outside and I really enjoyed the atmosphere and surroundings... We had a great time, especially during our snowball fight! ha ha ha... I felt just like a big kid at that moment again. The skating trail(250m) is pretty nice looping around the trees and and the surrounding environment; we went skating at nightfall and luckily it wasn't too cold so the place was really pleasant. Looking fwd to our next skating excursion!


可可 said...

Snowball fight?? I have to make sure I stay away from you when I learn how to skate.

Good that you guys can't snowball fight in the summer time when I will learn to roller blade.

Edmund Lee said...

Ha ha ha... you must be forgetting our 2k5 summer watergun fights! ke ke... lookin fwd to rollerblading!