Monday, February 20, 2006

Hooked on Torino 2006 Olympics

Just finished watching the Ice Dancing competition of Olympics on NBC/CBC. The champs from Russia really danced elegantly with amazing techniques and the program was exciting as well! Gosh, I just wish I can do one or two turns like that on skate.... not those advanced stuff of course; afterall, i don't want to go to work with a broken foot >:) The thing I was surpised about was that Ukraine got 3rd despite having a boring program; somehow I enjoyed Bulgaria much more as the footwork, techniques, and the dance was much more interested and free-spirited!

Anyways, looking forward to the Ladies figure skating competition on Thursday. Too bad Michelle Kwan will not be joining, as I really enjoyed her competitions from before....

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可可 said...

I know!! :( So sad when I heard she was going to withdraw. I watched a bit over the network at work - and I was so lucky to have caught the Russian woman skating just as I tuned in! She is amazy. Too bad I missed Sasha Cohen.