Sunday, February 12, 2006

Winterlicious JW Steakhouse

The start of February always marks the start of Winterlicious. This year, we went to JW steakhouse (the hotel restaraunt in Mariott downtown). As suggested by the restarant name, I went for the 10.oz angus beef steak dinner.

The presentation was somewhat strange, as the steak was covering most of the side dishes as you can see above. The steak was tender but had lots of fat in it (I guess that's why the beef was so 'soft')... I went for the chocolate bunt covered in a creamy dressing dor dessert. Despite myself having a sweet tooth and being a super chocolate craver; I didn't like it that much other than the fact it looks nice. Overall, i would rate this place 6/10. I didn't like JW that much as compared to all the other ones i've been to. Oh well, looking for the next booking :) ha ha....


SnOwySnOwy said...

I went to Toula on the 38th Floor of 1 Harbor Square this year. I found the food is not so great either compared with the other ones that I went before in the previous years. The view was OK but it was not the greatest either.

Overall, I don't recommend Toula to anyone during Winterlicious. :)

Edmund Lee said...

Ooooo... ok, i'll cross it out in the 'to-try list'... I really like striphouse or cornerhouse tho :)