Saturday, February 18, 2006

Calm and elegant winter snow

Just got back from pig's place after a dose of good'ol Babylon5 to release stress, and gosh; time really flies during the weekends eh? These few days had been exceptionally cold outside with freezing rain yesterday along with crackling thunder and lightly while raining sleet over here... Today was better but still generally cold; it ruined our skating plans after work tonight and it almost felt like -25 as I was driving home. I just dun feel like going to bed soon as I know it'll be Saturday when I wake up tmr - one more day closer in another work week again... Attached are some pics that I took with my cell while driving home... Did I mention that I really like the dashboard colours of my car, with the blue and red nicely overlaying each other? Too bad VW's sister company Audi decides to use a different colour (>_<)


可可 said...

Oooo - You are thinking about upgrading to an Audi?

Yea, I just stayed home last night. Thinking about whether to go to the library or not now... so cold!

Edmund Lee said...

Ha ha ha... just "thinking" tho :P Probably will change my baby car in 3-4 more yrs^^

Ooooh? you are awake so early wor... and considering in going to Glenn so early already?

可可 said...

I ended up going to the library yesterday and drafted out my essay :) So happy.