Thursday, February 02, 2006

Funky Thursday

Woohoo... My new phone has arrived. It's a silvery Motorola SLVR L6 which is a distant European cousin to the hot-selling RAZR in Canada. It's finally been delivered today; however, I still need to hunt for an adapter as it uses EU standards; hopefully I can find one at Radio Shack and such.

Aside from that, after I claimed my new phone @ the postal office today; I saw this big Canadian guy looking very distressed and calling out to his missing dog.... I feel sorry for him. As I drove back home, I saw a cute furry dog with creamy white fur along an intersection panting and running aimlessly. I felt really sorry for the dog and his owner, and somehow I did a very ahem* instantaneous U-turn (I should've did a more careful U-turn, but I guess it was instinct to suddenly act) and headed back to the plaza to notify her owner. I just hope the dog is alwright and can reunite with her owner :)

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