Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What ticks you the most?

What ticks you off the most? Making you frown, laugh nervously, mad, or jeer? In Shanghai, this is what I go through everyday. I'm sure that other countries have it too, but just some observations of the country of the people (not @ environment yet):
1) Guy spitting: yes, you see the spit come out of their mouth to create one of the many spit splashes on the floor. You try so hard to avoid them but....
2) People standing in front of you for no apparent reason. It's amazing how these people slip in - even with like a hole in the wall - they manage to somehow find space in front of you and just stand there.
3) No lining up: you'll probably starve to death if you wait in line at the food court. Expensive places or places for foreigners are better.
4) People peeing on the side of the road: this doesn't happen everyday, but you do get see some drunk guys doing their thing on the side of the road.
5) Picking noses: it's incredible how deep and how thorough these guys can dig into their noses. Yikes! I avoid shaking hands with ppl here.
6) People speaking in other dialects: now that I can listen to mandarin well, i start to pick up hearing different dialects here and there. But, then again; these happens in Toronto too where we speak cantonese in a foreign place.
7) Clipping nails: ocassionally, you will get people clipping their hands or toes in the subway when it is less crowded or in public places.
8) People swearing if you do not buy their merchandise: It happens!
9) Cars not stopping when turning right during red light: cross the street when the lights are green? Wrong! You get bulldozed approx 182 times /day if you do that. Other than running red lights, China people like to drive in the middle of the lanes, and they don't stop at the red lights when turning right. So sometimes you find youself standing in the middle of the road when the green is has past since you were avoiding a big Mac truck and the bus next to it.
10) Dirty people: people squatting and you could smell alcohal in their breath, see
11) Long pinky fingernails: hey, what's with the long fingernail for a guy? I still do not know why they save their nasty fingernail (2-5cms sticking out). Do they want to show others they are some ugly homosexual dude? a master ofpicking noses? or is there something behind it. I only knows it looks nasty!


Doc to be: Henry said...

It's disgusting!!!!!

But u are gonna miss it...haha

zukabunni said...

11) Long pinky fingernails: its because it is a general superstition that if ur pinky is longer than the upper joint of your 4th finger, then you will have long life. So people try and grow their pinky long to achieve this... but seriously.. it looks nasty and I have BIG GREEN friends here in TO that do the same -_-

Keith said...

What an interesting picture you paint of the people there.

可可 said...

I was eating and started reading your blog... I can't read any more after reading all the disgusting stories.. grossed out.

Andrew said...

Long pinky finger nails could be for #5 on your list.

akaie said...

Interesting but unpleasant things you encountered in China! As Henry said, you are going to miss all of these.

Edmund Lee said...

Ha ha ha... I know eh? I bet i'm going to miss all of this after I leave. Good thing I didn't 入鄉随族... lols

MMmmm.. what if that pinky finger cracks as they were typing? So are they gonna have an unexpected death? NASTY! I also heard they leave the long nail to show that they do not do labour work.