Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Regaining clarity and momentum

Thanks for all those encouragement; Phen, Miki, Dee, and Michely :) A few words does make a big difference. Over last few days, I had been regaining clarity of what my goal is, I don't have a 100% picture but i'm getting there. If I never try I never know, my passion is ignited once again... even if I fail, no big deal... and who knows? Maybe I'll get a little closer in understanding myself, along with things that I am looking for in life... Targetted next destination: Austin.
卫兰(M.masser lyrics): 'do you know where you're going to? do you like the things that life is showing you?.. do you get what you're hoping for? when you look behind you there's no open door.. what are you hoping for? once we were standing still in time chasing the fantasies that filled our minds...'


可可 said...

Some of us are always ready for new goals when we have achieved one set. We are always looking for new challenges. We just have to keep refocusing to see what are the possibilities up ahead. And once in a while, we just need to stop for a bit to take a little breath before refocusing.

I am glad things are a bit clearer for you!

(I have tried a few times commenting but the comment won't be display on your blog. I don't really know why.)

Edmund Lee said...

Thanks Coconut :) not sure why there's much problems leaving messages on my blog tho... Mmm..

Yeah, I was a bit uncertain not knowing if that's really the right direction i want to take as I'm getting a bit tired from of this, but i have made up my mind and decide to try it... maybe until I'm tired and decide to rest and focus on other things.. At least that's my thought for now :)

AJEYA RAO said...

Well...somewhat similar to my situation....the only difference being - I know what i want to do....but i can not dare to take that shift at this point of time.
:( Well thats life...But given some time I am sure you will work your way out of this. Take a break from everything...relax...that helps me a lot sometimes

akaie said...

Because we possess intellect and emotion, our mind is always occupied with new goals that we want to achieve. Uncertainties about the next step and obstacles that we may encounter on top of the fear of not being able to accomplish make us feel puzzled. But if you look back, there has been many decisions that you have made to bring you to this stage. Everything you learned so far is going to be a piece of unforgettable memory for you. New journey will be ahead of you and be brave to take it on.

Edmund Lee said...

Thanks Ajeya... i guess this is all part of growing up, and eventually we'll select the path that we beleive in, which always turns out to be the path that we learn more about where we belong.

Yes WinWin, I totally agree with you. It is our past decisions that make us... us. There might be tough times and hard decisions but it's also the fibres that hold us together :) Looking forward to the next journey!