Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Scuba diving, here I come!

Woooo... Although I had wanted to try this for a long enough time, I finally gathered enough guts, time, and $ to try this out: Scuba diving. The gear was so cool, it featured emergency floatation device (although bad if used improperly), along with gadgets to suck out air'n cough from the mouthpeice. Being only a beginner, i was only taken to -5m deep, which is already very hard already, due to the water pressure. In the beginning, it was quite scary since it is nothing like what I had encountered before, along with many things to keep in mind. I couldn't beleive how much concentration was required, especially to time the breathing rhythm.
Good thing there's a personal instructor right next to me (for all beginners). I think it is a very worthwhile experience, here's some pics taken with my disposable underwater cam^^


Keith said...

Awesome! I loved scuba diving so much when I was in Cuba that I went a second time a couple of days later. I agree, it is a very worthwhile experience.

Doc to be: Henry said...

Man. I am soooo jealous. I always wanna try out scuba diving!

I swear at the place where I work in the future, it must be right beside a sea!

AJEYA RAO said...

Coooool...You have been going places in the time i took a short vacation. Great, I would like to do the same toooooo sometime.

Have been busy traveling back to India and then with family get togethers, so missed most of your posts. Willr ead thru. :-) Have fun

Edmund Lee said...

Yeah, it was fun... totally worth it... next time; i want to try it at Australia where there's more exotic fishes in the ocean.

Welcome back Ajeya! looking fwd to your posts of encounters in India :)