Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Life after work

And so, after much negotiations, meetings, and conference calls; my departure was delayed for around 2 weeks' time. It's ok considering I had been here for 7-8 months already, so another 2 weeks' time was fine with me. The delay was because they were afraid that we would just drop the ball and to ensure a smooth transition. My set date to come back would be on the weekend of Feb 10th, woohoo - looking forward to coming back and enjoying skiing as I heard that there's much snow in Toronto. Ha ha ha, my buddy mgr next door (a flamboyant married man), and many friends all suggested that I may miss SH for a bit and I guess it's turning out to be true. Here's some pics of hanging out with my team, along with go around 骗饮骗食, drinking 55% alcohal, shopping and enjoying the life here after work. One of my next posts would be things I will miss in SH, as my previous one was things ticking me off in SH...^^


AJEYA RAO said...

Nice....Waiting for the miss list. I exactly know the mixed feeling you are going through....Had been in one when i left USA after a years stay. YOu are happy to go home and at the same time miss the fun you had in a new country that helped you discover yourself.

Edmund Lee said...

Totally true... being in a different place and new country definately makes one grow up and to learn more about themselves :)