Sunday, August 27, 2006

Weekend in SH with the family

During the weekend, went around SH with the family - taking them to places that I know of or my sis has dug up in her SH tour booklet. The ladies were totally hyped up when I showed them the big mall district at XuHui; despite being tired, their feminine instinct kicked in and propelled them to continue shopping... We then went to old an old Shanghai street (no cars were allowed there) - and the street has many specialty stores that boasts a very long and interesting history, we went to a fairly famous place for dinner before heading back. Sunday, we went to XinTinDi to stroll around with my sis picking up more goodies. My flu was also getting better as my mom cooked some clean food and got me some medicine... They look pretty tired now after these several days after tho ;)

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