Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Another week, ho.

Sunday was my playday, after enduring such a task on Sat... ha ha... Anyways, headed to one of my colleagues' place for a gathering that featured good food, PS2, Tekken, and lots of alcohal. I think I drank too much Whisky too and was very dizzy as I went home. One of the guys got pretty drunk and we had to escort him to the subway station (gd thing he arrived back to his own home soon after)... ha ha. Other than that, I think I kinda got sick... a mixture of too much sun, going out, flucutating weather between humid outdoors/ac, and much work last week (ho, i'll just put it in); so these two days I'm resting real early around 11:00am each day. Anyways, some pics!!


akaie said...

What caught my attention are the cute 3-D apron and seemingly like deep fried pig intestine! Is there any pig intestine on the table? If there is, it is super size intestine :)

Mee Shell said...

Hey Tofuki, u seemed well adapting to ur new life in SH wor~ I hope I can visit you soon~ =)

可可 said...

Be careful not too get sick ar..

Edmund Lee said...

Ha ha, I think it is what you said - pig intestine... I didn't eat it tho, as I kept to the veggies and tofu threads (the yellow bowl next to it).

Miki san! would be great if you are coming to visit me lei~ <2more months till ur vacation wor~ he he.

Sicko lu... charm charm... was getting better yesterday; then pretended to be strong and carried 15L of water from the distillery station last nite (instead of calling for delivery) and now i'm back to feeling dizzy and sick +o(