Saturday, July 08, 2006

Finally a place to rest and call a temp home

Haven't updated in a while, but I'm glad last week is over, I finally upgraded my room to a larger place - all within company budget of course :p The place has got a kitchen, 2 rooms, dining and living room with a small washroom. It's dead hot in SH, even with opening AC; I find myself waking up sweating like a dried fish in one of the rooms yesterday, so today I've moved to the living room since there's a huge AC there - please please picture of my bulky friend (haha, she's gonna guard me from the crazy heat here). I also got connected in my apartment too, so expect for more updates and pictures! Thanks everyone for leaving messages :) Finally, it's very different living as a tourist (in a hotel) than living as a local... My rank of Shanghai so far? a mere 2/10 with explanations and pros /cons of this country coming up tomorrow.


akaie said...

Who is she? Is she an air conditioning or a fridge? What a waste of having 2 rooms but you only stay in the living room!

Edmund Lee said...

Ha ha ha, she's an air conditioning unit :) Currently I have one room housing my laundy to dry (since it's so hot in that room), and the other to put my luggages... Prolly iu'll move back into it come Winter... ha ha

Mee Shell said...

wahaha what a HUGE AC!!! =O