Saturday, July 22, 2006

Enjoying life after work

Trying to enjoy life after work I guess... Another political week has gone by with much meetings / conference calls with mgrs and various teams from SiV, Toronto, and in SH. How come very weekend I feel so tired and am complaining of these political things at work all da time? I hope it'll turn better too so I don't have to write it here. However, some good came out of it, as I'm schedule to head to Japan with my Mgr at the end of Sept for a Biz trip to meet the customers there - I'm somewhat looking fwd to my return to Japan (I went there for vacation last year) although this time I know it'll be purely for Biz. Anyways, been hooked onto these series lately as I just crash at home feeling tired after work: 王子变青蛙, 神雕侠侣, 白蛇, 小鱼儿花无缺, 天下第一... ha ha.... turning into a TV slob soon. Anyways, back to TV now while waiting for my laundry... PS. Did I mention my good friend Colly headed for Peru some 4hrs ago? Hope she'll have a fun yet safe trip while experiencing many different things ;)

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