Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Big changes ahead.

There were big news this past week with my company merging up: AMD and ATI pairing up. We were required to attend endless meetings with the VPs and directors trying to calm everyone down. As expected, there wasn't much response in the Shanghai office as the people were quite new along with some inherited from an older company that we bought so they didn't really understand the impact yet. However, I've received lots and lots of emails from friends back in Toronto who are all very worried about what will happen with many of them discouraged. After all - pairing up with AMD, it only makes sense for Intel to cut our products. In the long run; there will be lots of growth *if* the strategy works, but personally; I think it will be challenging and will take lots of time for ATI to recover to where we are now. Oh well, in 3 months time (with all legal paperworks settled); I guess i'll change my namecard to AMD.


Doc to be: Henry said...

Haha. yeah, I was gonna ask you about how you feel about the news too. But I dont know, I wouldnt be so worried if i also worked in ATI, since AMD is not a bad company, and I am sure acquiring ATI is just their first step. It'll be fun to see how AMD will affect Intel in the near future in the chipset market, which in turn also impacts on PC, and other consumer electronics market.

In the mean time, I will be more concerned by the power of the Cell processor from IBM. If someone can port windows on Cell, Intel and AMD can be easily driven out of the business just like that!

zukabunni said...

I say bad move man.. think about the typical consumer: i.e. my mom... "OMG! Intel CentrinO!!! cool! must be like the best thing on earth. Oh AMD? never heard of it" hahha, sth like that

Imagine intel bonds with NV... then we're really doomed #_#

Edmund Lee said...

Yeah, AMD is a big company; but it's gonna take a long time for us to recover due to lots of factors. Oh well (i can't talk too much here or i'll get into trouble). Good thing that the impact at SH is at minimal wheras I do forsee there's going to be much changes at the Toronto and SiV ATI sites.

Ha ha; if Intel bonds up with nVidia, Mmm.... maybe next step AMD can also buy the remainder of SIS.... lol