Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Seal Hunting... shamefully disgusting.

Just watched a TV documentary on the commercial seal hunting in Canada. Did you know that the annual quota for hunting seals was 350000 / year? So basically, from 2003-05: more than a million seals were killed. From watching the documentary, hunters used picks and clubs to knock out the seals, clubbing them repeatedly they bleed to death... totally disgusting. An even more horrendous act is that 98.5% of the seals killed were two months old or younger. How ironic that Canadians boasts a humane society yet engages in such intolerable and barbaric actions. The stupid Canadian seal hunt occurs every late March, so it's only around 2 days away, i really hope legislation can do something to stop this... something right for a change.
With googling around, here's some website crusades against seal massacres, please sign the partition here, here or here. There's only 2 days left to hopefully stop this madness!


zukabunni said...

Unfortunately, to many individuals money comes before humanity. We post a blog, we start an email chain. Now what? Life goes on as if nothing happens. Sad but true.

Edmund Lee said...

Yeah, true... but I guess doing something is better, just hopefully one day we can tilt the balance :)

It's like that story of the old man picking up seastars and throwing it back into the ocean.... long long time agai lei!