Tuesday, March 07, 2006

JDrama - Engine

Just finished watching Jdrama 'Engine' (エンジン) recently. It features Kimura Takuya that you might have heard about from masterpeices like 'Long vacation' or 'Love generation'; however, this time he is a F3 racer in Japan. The series focuses not only him being a racer, but also the interaction between his "family" in the foster home. It's a very heart-warming series showing how the foster children comes to term with themselves as they undergo mutal character development and growth along with Takuya acting as a big kid himself. I find the series too short and longed for more towards the end; but in general, it's a very good series if you enjoy Jdrama.
Another surpirse in the series is Ueno Juri who plays the siderole of one of the elder foster children. I really enjoy her acting, expressions, and character development in the series. Juri is a very pretty actress and I'm fully looking forward to her future casting in upcoming Jdrama series like 'Swing Jazz Girl' (next installment) in Fall 2006 ;)

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