Sunday, March 05, 2006

Corries' Dessert Nite

Looks yummy lei... Thanks Corrie for inviting us (the noisy bunch - tot:9) over for a great dessert night gathering! There were 4 types of dessert that the coconut made for us to enjoy; and i liked the Fruitcake one of the most... ha ha... Aside from lots and lots and lots of alcohal, we also played a game called 'Cranium', a mind-twisting yet fun board game. We were laughing throughout the night doing funky dances and molding crazy characters... Too bad my phone camera didn't capture the pics as well for the funny playdoh, maybe i can steal some off Ka/Kevin and post it here later :p Thanks for organizing it - it was a fun fun nite!


可可 said...

=) Thanks for coming!! We need to do this again soon - I am missing last night's fun already.

Edmund Lee said...

I know! it was fun... i'm craving for ur "soan" fruit cake from last nite already! ha ha