Saturday, March 11, 2006

Another weekend lu!

Back from B5 nite with the guys. Although I bought a new chocolately wine to try, it didn't fill me up at all so I was starving for food. I was also unsuccessful in persuading the gang out to have beef brisket noodles with me. Ended up heading home and slapping together stuff i was able to find around the house - noodles, eggs, sausage, vegies, seeweed, and Jap dried fish (apparently, these dried fish is found in all the dishes in Japan, it's like Jap soy sauce or MSG to them).
Anyways, here's a treat for you ice-cream lovers; let's see if you can guess correctly what flavours these ice cream are ;)
A. Albalone
B. Deep Sea Water
C. Crab
D. Chicken Wing
E. Sea Eel
F. Catcus


可可 said...

I wouldn't have guessed these ice-creams be made anywhere else :P I wonder how they taste like.. I had "Lobster Icecream" once - but I think it's really only the colur that matches lobster. It tastes just like vanilla icecream to me.

Edmund Lee said...

ha ha, really? pinkish vanilla? Mmmmm... i wonder what those catcus ice-cream will be like? full of spikes? lol

Mee Shell said...

wahahah your 宵夜looks yummy to me~ =P Did you actually buy those icecream?? Are they really eatable? =P I guess I would like to try B ~'umi no banira' least I see something more normal ~ Vanilla, on the lid. XD

Edmund Lee said...

ha ha, thanks thanks lei!!!! i think i'm gonna gain weight with eating too much siu-yeah :p
No ar... i only say these funky ice cream online jar... too bad i didn't get a chance to try them in Jap, next time la! ka ka ka...^^

zukabunni said...

*laughs at your comment about gaining weight*... I thought you were at your limit :D

Edmund Lee said...

hey man....! nope nope... not @ limit, afterall... *someone* told me i got ideal BMI... ho ho :p