Friday, October 21, 2011

Animal vs. Oh mighty lord.

It has been a month since mom's passing away and aside from adapting to the situation, I've also started to wonder what is the purpose of life and came to two theories. First one suggests that we are nothing but stupid animals pretending to be smart trying to decipher diseases, creating science, making up beliefs, and polluting the Earth. Second one suggests that there's some higher power playing a sick'n cruel joke on humans and breaking families and faith through diseases, accidents, and disasters.
What happened to old sayings that being alcoholic, smoking, or living with bad lifestyle will lead to untimely deaths? It doesn't work like that. Just as what happened to mom, we see that cancer amongst other diseases is just a random lottery that has a ridiculously high rate of hitting it. Just talking w/ close group of friends (aka. not any Joe Blow), I can already count at least 10+ immediate family members having someone pass due to cancer.
So that makes me conclude that either we are at the mercy of either some higher power that can destroy our lives with an itchy middle finger, or we're just animals trying to pretend we know what's going on. So when someone says 'lord has a better bigger picture' or 'you are better than this' - all I can say is 'that's a pretty lousy picture'; or 'nope, I'm really no better than this because I'm just an ape and I don't give a damn of trying to be better or nice'.
That said, I'm not saying we should be bad and immoral. We should be who we are, say what's in our mind, and just do what we want granted that it doesn't hurt anyone else (or any other animals) in the process. There were many phoney people over the course of recent events and what they are doing is just plain superficial which can be very evidently seen, and it really gets it to me when someone says 'everything is so orderly in the world so there must be a great maker'... yeah, my ass.

-Post from a dressed-up and over analyzing animal-


AJEYA RAO said...

Edmund....Don't know what to say. Some times we are left with no answer, i guess.

AJEYA RAO said...

Edmund... What is your email id?

Edmlee said...

Hi Ajeya, yea... sometimes I ponder if there's really an answer to it all. Oh, check your FB! I'll msg you my email there ;)

esilee said...

Someone once told me that life is fair. When you're down and in the dumps, don't worry; things will turn for the better eventually.
So on the flip side, is that why whoever up there did such a cruel thing to mom? Since mama has led a fulfilled, positive, happy life that's why they decide to cancel it out by giving her such a rotten ending?
Still, I believe in God. Not that I agree with their outdated, illogical, unreasonable, restrictive ideology...but hoping after hope that there really is a God so I can meet my beloved mama someday again.
Life, is just survival and dealt with whatever is on the plate.
Commented from a poorer dressed animal