Friday, September 23, 2011

9.22 A new chapter into my life

9.22 4:30am mom passed away.
She had been fighting cancer for 3 years and had been through a ton of trials. I am not sure if I would've been brave enough to weather the same trials if it was myself. CHOP/DHAP/SCT were not simple treatments and unfortunately the Lymphoma relapsed after SCT was performed. Mom's the bravest and prettiest girl I know, and her passing during a comfortable and peaceful sleep is a blessing itself. There's so much more things I want to talk with her about, but now I'll have to find her in my heart and feel the presence instead. Rest in Peace mom.


AJEYA RAO said...

Very sorry for your loose Edmund. I pray for serenity and strength to you and your family.

esilee said...

Mama is the best mama. She takes care of the family 'till her last breath.
She keeps smiling through all the ordeals and still bring joy to the family. She fights bravely 'till the end so the family learns to be strong like her.
We love mama and we miss her sorely. Rest in Peace, mama....we'll see you in heaven soon.