Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Start to a series of weddings in 2k11!

Life's interesting. Some things you try hard but will never get, while some things will pop up when you least expect it to. As one of my close friends told me never second guess and doubt what could've been; this aligns with my genuine belief that all things happen for a reason, and it's usually for the better (for the good ppl out there lol). Striving too hard to try and achieve what's not meant to be is not good either and this reminds me of a recent popstar divorce in HK. Nick had been trying hard to stand by his skanky wife for two years throughout scandals, x-pictures, and attempted to forget the past in order to raise a happy family. However, human nature doesn't change easily and the couple is going across divorce procedures as infidelity rumors spread for the wife again. That being said, I attended my coworker's wedding last weekend. He's a tad older than all of us and very much a workaholic, we're all very happy to see him find his other half when he least expected it. It was a simple ceremony/banquet with some traditional rituals intentionally left out but in fact I found out that the meaning of marriage was conveyed more stronger than some ceremonies that had endless entertainment and games. Grats to the newly wed!

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