Friday, July 29, 2011

Enjoying the weather

<- Pic courtesy of Ka.
I haven't been updating the blog much due to family errands, endless work, and studying - they had been occupying most of my time. Thank goodness for a long weekend for a breather to rest and chill. It had been 35-40 deg C during last month; one would hear the sound of AC's humming throughout the day and into the night. Thank goodness there were thunder showers last week which soothed the temperature a bit, and lessened the burden on our water depleted reservoirs. To take advantage of the nice weather, of course there's endless BBQs and gatherings! I'm very blessed to have a group of close friends who support me and all of them has their head on straight... hahaha. Afterall, it's our family and friends who makes us who we are!


AJEYA RAO said...

Awesome. Seems like family time, good.

Edmlee said...

Thanks Ajeya. Definately; family, health and close friends are the most imporant ;)