Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Sunny skies across town

Weather was awesome last few days as temperature shot up to 30deg Celcius. What else to do aside from enjoying the sunshine with a group of buddies? As coconut will be delivering and myself heading to Austin later parts of the summer for work, we decided to move up our annual Center island outing. Part of the crew headed DT for lunch gathering before roaming across Lake Ontario. There were huge lineups of people waiting for ferry but luckily Ka got a bunch of tix for us without us having to wait crazy hrs.
Biking, chilling, playing frisbee/baseball, beating up busman, and fooling around with cute dogs were highlights of the trip.
Thx Jesse for bringing Buddy and showing us so many tricks, the huge dog in the pic belonged to a friendly lady there and I just had to run up to grab a pic w/ the giant Husky - reminds me of dogsledding! Stay tuned for more activities across summer!


可可 said...

Gotta have one more gathering in July. We should think of something not too far away, and fun to do.

AJEYA RAO said...

Welcome back. Good to know about your interest in music and seems like a nice day out. So is this the other side of Ontario lake...I was on one side (US) several years back at old fort Niagara.

Edmlee said...

Yup Coco, lookin fwd to our BBQ XD

Thanks Ajeya, my guitar passion is picking back up and been jamming crazy w/ the guys lol. Yea, the other side of Lake Ontario is Niagara falls where you visited; I think it's linked to the US one called Fallsview Falls which are in the same area :)